FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Please see below selected Frequently asked Questions that we have compiled for you.

Should you need further assistance, you can reach us under +49 40 355059 250 or via E-Mail - service@vesselbid.com.

  • General information

    • Who can participate in auctions?

      Every natural person of at least 18 years of age as well as any legal body.

    • How can I use VesselBid?

      If you are interested in an item and decide to place a bid or if you plan to offer your Vessel for sale, you have to register first. Registration is free and without any obligation.

    • Do I have a disadvantage if I have a slow Internet connection?

      Since every bid is online for at least 30 minutes and the closing time of the auction is adjusted accordingly, if late bids are received, also customers with a slow connection can bid successfully.

    • Do I need special hardware or software to use www.vesselbid.com?

      No. The performance of a standard computer with a browser is sufficient. Special programs are not required.

  • Bidding and buying

    • What is to be considered when placing bids for the Vessels that are For Sale and Under Auction?

      While the Vessel is For Sale, bids can be placed freely but always above the stated starting price. In case of a Vessel being Under Auction, the bidding steps are given.

    • How do I auction an item?

      Auctions are a classical instrument for the formation of prices in a free market society. The highest bid is successful subject to final approval - the terms and conditions apply to all bidders equally. In order to be admitted to the auction, you need to be a registered user. As a registered user you shall, after a background check, be permitted to place bids. At the closing time of the auction, the Buyer awarded with the purchase of the Vessel shall be contacted directly and a sales agreement on the basis of our General Terms of Business is reached, along with possible Sellers subjects. Afterwards, an agreement basis NSF2012 (MOA) will be signed. After signing of the MOA, the delivery of the vessel will be as per standard NSF2012 procedures.

    • How can I withdraw my bid?

      The bid of the buyer is legally binding. A withdrawal of the bid is not permitted during the validity time! Bidding is not a game. If your bid is successful and a recap in place with no subjects on the side of the buyers, you are legally bound to the agreement.

    • Why do auctions often end later than stated?

      Generally speaking, all auctions end at the previously specified time. However, if bids are received within 30 minutes prior to the stated closing time, the auction is extended by 30 minutes. This procedure is repeated as long as the highest bid is challenged within 30 minutes. This procedure is designed to ensure a trouble-free bidding process even near the end of an auction. This helps to compensate for complications as a result of possible time delays due to technical problems (e.g. internet peak times, ISP overload).

    • What is the Seller's price?

      A Seller's price is required. If this price is not met or exceeded at the end of an auction, the final sale is subject to approval.

    • Why is the final sale subject to approval/reservation?

      The final sales approval is stated as by the Sellers BoD subject which is incorporated within the Sellers Terms. A Sellers BoD approval shall also be in place should the Seller’s price be met or even exceeded. A final sale may also be awarded subject to the Seller’s BoD approval if the Seller’s price has not been met. In such case VesselBid will contact the Seller and will determine whether or not the Seller is nevertheless willing to sell the Vessel.

    • Will inspections be allowed?

      It will be possible to inspect the vessel during normal trading operations just as in any other normal S&P transaction in shipping too.

  • Selling

    • How can I place and sell a Vessel on VesselBid?

      The most convennient way is that you get in touch with us directly via Contact Form, E-Mail or Phone. We will provide you with all relevant sales details as well as with our Terms and Conditions for placing a Vessel on this online platform. Face to face communication is an important factor and we can arrange for open dialogs and presentations of our concept. Lastly, we will arrange and establish contact to the relevant parties who shall supply all technical and sales related documentation so that a sales timetable can be drawn up that highlights all necessary steps.

    • How can I follow the status of the sale?

      As a Seller, you will be fully registered with VesselBid and have access to "My VesselBid". Via this personal account, you can follow and trace all activity on your Vessel as well as receive regular status reports. Direct contact to our Head of Sales and Auctions shall be possible at any given time.

  • Registration

    • Is registration free?

      Yes, registration is free and without any obligations.

    • How do I register?

      To register, click "New Registration" in the top navigation bar and follow the instructions.

    • What is to be considered when choosing a user name?

      Please enter two characters only (e.g. your initials). VesselBid will add another 6 letters to create your user name. This user name is displayed to you in the course of the registration process. You should remember it well. In case of bidding your bids will be displayed with an anonymous bidder number.

    • I have registered but not received access data. Why?

      Some providers put mails from unknown senders into a SPAM folder or into other mailboxes. Please check, if you have received the email with the access data.

    • Can I change my access data?

      It is possible to change the username provided by the system during the registration process, but there are restrictions: The username must consist of 6-10 characters. Permitted are numbers, letters, _ and -. Usernames similar to names of persons or companies are not permitted. The username cannot be changed after the completion of the registration process. You can change your password at any time. Please note the password restrictions (at least 8 characters, at least one number or special character).

    • How can I deactivate my VesselBid account?

      In order to deactivate your account, please contact via your registered/authenticated E-Mail Address and provide us with your user name. All purchase and selling transactions performed until this point of time are carried out and remain effective. All bids placed until this point of time are still binding.

  • Privacy and Data Protection

    • How secure is my data?

      All personal data is transferred with SSL encryption enabled. Data stored by VesselBid is used exclusively within the scope of our business operations. Please refer to the Data Security section for further information.

    • What is my data used for?

      VesselBid guarantees that all data collected in connection with the use of our auctioning service will only be stored and used for the operation of this service.

  • The corporation VesselBid

    • Who is VesselBid?

      VesselBid is operated by NetBid Industrie-Auktionen AG and Angermann Machinery & Equipment GmbH & Co.KG. With more than 60 years market experience we guarantee professional rating and re-use of your industrial machinery and equipment. Our services include appraisals accredited by the authorities and the development of individual re-use strategies in order to achieve best results. Our Internet site provides quick and easy access to information on live auctions in the near future and is a platform for bidding and selling machinery.