Selling in just a few steps

  1. 1
    Contact VesselBid directly and submit required Information about the vessel
  2. 2
    Clear all circumstances together with VesselBid. The vessel will then be published online for sale.
  3. 3
    VesselBid will coordinate the whole selling process leading to a successful sale!

Information about selling

The sale or auction of your vessel via our auction platform is a revolutionary new way of selling vessels in Germany and Europe in a transparent and professional manner. You have access to classic auction-based methods as well as direct sales methods. You are free to choose from either of the two methods.

The processes are established by our parent company NetBid Industrie-Auktionen AG and VesselBid aims to continuously expand and create a long-standing customer base and take them into the online era. International markets play a significant role in this respect and we welcome international financial institutions, Administrators with bankruptcy cases and sellers alike, to use and learn from one another when selling via VesselBid.

With state-of-the-art Internet presentation structures and long standing maritime second hand market knowledge, we reach a broad number of potential customers. Skillful pricing leads to the highest-possible bid that can be achieved in a market-compliant manner. The process is absolutely transparent and will allow full justifications of sale commitments.

VesselBid shall further provide tailor-made reporting to Sellers participating with their vessel in the sale and auction process to allow full transparent tracking of interest and acquiring knowledge of viewing numbers on their vessel.